Download QuickDeal

QuickDeal is an add-on to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform for One-Click Trading. It also has some additional useful  features such as  Net Volume, P/L and Break-Even Price information as well as Close All button. 

QuickDeal Main


  • Order opening with one mouse click;
  • Choose Volume, Stop Loss and Take Profit settings from a list or enter them manually;
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit on Market Execution;
  • View your current trading instrument Net Volume, P/L and Break-Even Price;
  • Use the Close All button to close all open positions for current trading instruments or to close ALL open positions for a specific trading account;
  • Use the Pin-Unpin button to move the tool window outside the chart window;
  • View Current Spread information.


QuickDeal 2 Main Buttons

Order opening with one mouse click

There are two main buttons – Buy (green) and Sell (red) – with current trading instrument prices. To open an order you need to click on one of them with the left mouse button.



QuickDeal Volume TP SL

Volume, Stop Loss and Take Profit settings

You can set the deal volume by choosing it from a list of preset values or by entering the precise amount manually.

QuickDeal also allows you to set your Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. You can choose the SL and TP levels from a drop-down list or by entering them manually.


QuickDeal MESL and TP on Market Execution

On market execution, the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels cannot be set at the moment of order opening. You need to modify an order after it is opened to set SL and TP. QuickDeal can set Stop Loss and Take Profit for open orders on market execution. To enable this feature you need to check the “Set SL&TP for Market Execution” box.



QuickDeal DataNet Volume, P/L and Break-Even Price

QuickDeal provides you with useful information that is not shown in MetaTrader 4. You may be interested to find out your current trading instrument’s open positions net volume, P/L or break-even price. All this data is available in QuickDeal.

Net Volume – the net volume of all current trading instrument opened positions = All Buy Positions Volume – All Sell Positions Volume.

P/L – Profit/Loss for your current trading instrument.

Break-even price – the price at which P/L for the current trading instrument equals zero.

Close All button

Using the Close All button you can close all current instrument positions or ALL positions on this trading account. You will need to confirm your decision to close all your deals before you actually do so in order to avoid accidental actions.


Pin-Unpin button

The QuickDeal window is located at a specific place on the chart by default. You can move it anywhere inside the MetaTrader 4 window by pressing the Pin-Unpin button. You can also return it to its original location on the chart by pressing the button again.



Current Spread

The standard MetaTrader 4 does not show the spread between the bid and the offer prices. Thanks to the QuickDeal tool, this information is now available in MT4.


Please, feel free to explore QuickDeal brochure (.pdf).